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worthless, good for nothing,
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Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar
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Dedicated to the honour of Imam Hassan Cisse

The Universal Islamic Centre (UIC) of USA, a leading non-profit Islamic Sufi Organization involved in spreading peace and strengthening interfaith relationships all over the world in consortium with International Islamic Mission for World Peace, Islamic Sunni Umma of USA, BDA Farooqi-Eazam Institute of USA and The International Association for the Descendants of Hashimi under the distinguished Joint Chairmanship of the Grand Imam of Madina Kaolack, Senegal, His Excellency, Sheikh Tijani Aliyu Cisse and the President of The Global Security Institute of USA, Dr Jonathan Granoff is holding an international conference on Siratun-Nabi and Interfaith forum as a tribute and in recognition of the unique exemplary accomplishment of the late Grand Imam, Hassan Cisse the Founder and President of the African American Islamic Institute (AAII) for having lived his life for the goodness of the entire humanity and the attainment of greater understanding of Islam in respect of other religions and improvement of friendship between our revered country, USA and the Muslim World.

In furtherance and development of these noble ideals exemplified by our illustrious Imam Hassan Aliyu Cisse of the blessed memory towards greater consolidation of peace and friendship between the peoples of USA and the Muslim World in particular, including the promotion of inter religious understanding and facilitating dialogue by enhancing participants' knowledge of their own respective faith through context comparison and healthy discussion.  We are pleased to invite you all to attend this historic International Islamic Inter-Faith Conference scheduled for May 14 – 17, 2009 at the Millennium UN Plaza Hotel in New York City, USA.

With the need to conform to the divine principles of Universal Peace, Freedom, Justice and spiritual Development, The Universal Islamic Center of USA under the leadership and inspiration of the founder Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar, designates as Ambassadors for Peace, Reconciliation and Spiritual Development, those individuals whose lives extrapolates the noble ideals of living for the goodness of others as well as those who dedicate themselves to virtuous practices which promote ideals of moral values by universal standards, remarkable socio-political, educational and economic achievements, resplendent accomplishments in various fields of human endeavors toward consolidation of the culture of peace, love and affection, freedom and mutual respect, consistent with the spirit of reconciliation, transcending all ethnic, racial, religious and national barriers.



For further information please contact:  

Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar (Ph: 1-312-217-7119) E-mail: 786@ahmedtijani.org 

Professor Muhammad Qadri, Chairperson BDA Farooqui, E-AZAM Institute (Ph: +1718-578-0203)

 Imam Papa Mboup, at 4410, 39th Street Brentwood, MD 20722, USA (Ph: 1-301-927-7244)
 E-mail: papa_mboup@yahoo.com  

Bro. Issa A. Ghali, (Ph: +2341-794-2982), E-mail: biodun.ghali@sheikawwal.com


Previous Events

Gateway to Divine Mercy - Conference held in Manchester, UK

After the astounding success and spiritual enrichment of Gateway to Divine Mercy 2006, Jamia Al-Karam was
proud to present “Gateway to Divine Mercy 2007 - Enlightening our Hearts”, which was held on July 1st at the
Sheridan Suite in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Sheikh Ahmed Tijani was among the guests of the conference, along with other distinguished guests including:
Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi  (Damascus, Syria), Shaykh Yusuf ‘Abd al-Wahhab ibn Mahmud Abu Sneina
(Jerusalem, Palestine), Shaykh Muhammad Amin al-Hasanat Shah al-Qurashi (Bhera, Pakistan), Shaykh
Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada (Retford, England), Hajj Ahmad Thomson (London, England). Nasheeds
and Qasidas were performed by SHAAM Nasheed Group & Zain Shabir.

For more information please visit the website

Photographs from this years conference:

In the photo on the left: Sheikh Al Naqshbandi; Grand Imam Yusuf Abdul Wahab Ibn Mahmud Abu Sneina of Masjidul Aqsa; Sheikh Muhammad Amin Al Hasanat Shah Al Quraishi of Bhira, Pakistan; Sheikh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada (President and Chief Host of Jaami'al Karam Retford, England); Sheikh Ahmed Thompson (Barrister at Law, London, England); Sheikh Sayed Raza (World Muslim Mission, England)

In the photo on the right: With Imamul Aqsa Sh. Yusuf Abu Sneina; Dr Asif Ali Al Azhari (Professor of Jaami'al Karam, Retford, UK)

In the photo on the left: Dr. Asfi Al Azhari; Imam Mohammad Arshad Al Misbahi; Sheikhul Islam Mohammed Imdad Mirzada, Sheikh Irfan Chishti

In the photo on the right: With hardworking, beautiful and enthusiastic students of Jaami'al Karam, UK

In the photo on the left: Exchanging affectionate and peaceful salutations with the noble descendant of the Hashimi, Sheikhul Islam Mohammed Al Yaqoubi of Syria

In the photo on the right: The spiritually inspiring Zikr ensemble SHAAM of the UK.

In the photo on the right: With Imamul Aqsa Yusuf Abu Sneina of Jerusalem

In the photo on the left: With Sheikhul Islam Mohammed Al Yaqoubi

In the photo on the right: With his Eminence Mohammed Amin Al Hasanat Shah Al Quraishi

In the photo on the left: With Sheikh Ahmed Thompson & Future Muslim Masters of the United Kingdom

In the photo on the right: Ambassadors of Islam with Sheikh Mohammed Al Yaqoubi


In the photo on the left: Making a presentation at the historic Islamic Conference of Tijaniiya spiritual luminaries hosted by the esteemed Amirul Mu'mineen Mohammed the Sixth of the Royal Kingdom of Morocco in the city of Islamic saints – Fez

In the photo on the right: Cross section of thousands of highly esteemed Islamic spiritual ambassadors from all over the world.

In the photo on the left: Islamic rainbow comes in all colors, nations, and kindred.

In the photo on the right: Malian spiritual ambassador gives salutations to Sheikh Ibn Maulaana Ibrahim Niass flanked by Tijaniyya professor from Algeria

In the photo on the left: Nigerian Sheikh demonstrating characteristic Muslim humility and greetings with Sheikh Tahir Bauchi, Sheikh
Shreef Saleh Ibrahim, both of Nigeria, and Sheikhul Islam Mohammed Munnir Mali

In the photo on the right: His spiritual eminence Sidi Shreef Tijani, Great Grandson of Maulaana Abbul abbas, Gausul Ghiyas and Shamsul Huda Sayyidi Ahmed Tijani (RTA), affectionately surrounded by some ambassadors from Benin, Burkina Faso, Morocco and Egypt

In the photo on the left: Highly revered female ambassadors from around the world were well represented.

In the photo on the right: Female Tijaniyya ambassadors Sheikhat Ruqayya and Hajja All of the USA were there.

In the photo on the left: With some of the noble Tunisian delegation.

In the photo on the right: Some Burkina Faso ambassadors were chilling out.

In the photo on the left: Spiritual unity and beauty of true Islamic brotherhood.

In the photo on the right: Maulaana Sheikh Shareef Omar of the Cote D'Ivoire in the company of his delegation at the historic conference.


Major Peace Initiative
Dalai Lama meets with Muslim & Sufi leaders

The Dalai Lama meeting with Muslim leaders, in San Francisco
(Photo courtesy of USA Today)

The Dalai Lama proclaimed himself a ''defender of Muslim teachings'' in a groundbreaking international peace conference that was held in San Francisco on Saturday April 15, 2006. The event was covered by major media from the New York Times to major television networks.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, initially met with about sixty Muslim leaders and scholars, most of whom were Sufis. Kabir Helminski head of the Mevlevi order in the USA reported on the event saying, “A tremendous amount of goodwill and love was generated during this event. It was historically significant that Muslims and Buddhists were coming together with open arms on both sides, and, as a matter of fact, the Dalai Lama, during one of the meetings took a special interest in our brother Ahmed Tijani, taking him by the shoulders, looking into his eyes, and saying, ‘You have to help me come to Africa!’”.

The Dalai Lama and Sheikh Ahmed Tijani

This was followed by a larger event attended by about 500 representatives from approximately 30 countries from the world's major religions. There has rarely been such a gathering of eminent spiritual leaders involving so many Muslims. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Dalai Lama said “Muslims, like any of the major traditions, have the same message, the same practice. That is a practice of compassion." The Dalai Lama urged the leaders of all faiths to stand together on their common ground to defend Islam and promote the ideal of respecting the faiths of individuals while embracing religious diversity in communities. All of this took place on the weekend of the birthday of the Prophet (pbuh), Easter and Passover.

Sheikh Ahmed and the King of Morocco

From Left: General Abubakar Abdul Salam Abubakar (rtd) former Nigeria Head of State , Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Ibn Omar and General Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babaginda (rtd) former Nigeria Head of State

From left: Sheikh Dr. Muritador Busair (LASU Nigeria), Sheikh Afiss Aynawwhi (Mauritania) and Sheikh Ahmed Ibn Omar

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